Celebrating the uncertainty of sport


Working alongside creative agency, Above+Beyond, we’ve launched our new ‘Don’t Just Bet. Choose Wisely’ platform for BoyleSports, Ireland’s biggest sports betting company, as we celebrate the uncertainty of sport and the need for careful consideration. The film acts as an ode to rain, taking an unusual angle on sports betting and the impact weather plays and its indifference to the outcome.

Embracing the challenge of sports licensing, led us to a production that blended scenes we created with Artificial Intelligence, scenes we shot and archival footage, edited with rhythmic ferocity. This was the first time we were able to significantly use AI in a live project.

Collaborating with AI technicians who understand film, has been a useful example of harnessing the technology as just another tool for creativity. We used a combination of Runway AI, Midjourney and Unreal Engine, which enabled us to have a lot of flexibility with shots we couldn’t license. From creating storms sequences, F1 car crashes on fictitious circuits, to tennis players seemingly losing it on Centre Court. The budget and time efficiency meant this approach was unmatched by non-AI options at our disposal.

Our CCO Dom Goldman on the launch: “The sports betting category is awash with laddish tropes but betting on the sport we love is so much more than this stereotype. Through this new ‘Choose Wisely’ lens, we celebrate the uncertainty of sport and the need for careful consideration in order to choose wisely. This ad is an ode to rain – an unusual sporting angle on the impact atrocious weather plays and rain’s indifference to the outcome. While we can’t change the weather, we can, in our choices, influence the final outcome.”

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